Uteha Naša

Uteha Nasa rakija plum brandy pruimen brandy

Uteha Naša

A premium plum brandy, made according to ancient Serbian traditions. Made from the sweetest plum from Serbia, the ‘Moravka’ plum. Uteha Naša is a 100% natural drink, with no additives or sugars. The brandy matures for 3 years in oak barrels made by local villagers. Extremely full and harmonious in taste, in which you can taste the influences of the oak, but where the taste of the Moravka still prevails. A pleasant taste that lingers nicely in your palate.

Tasting notes


Dark amber color.


intense and deep. aromas in which the plum comes up.


extremely full and harmonious in taste


A long-lasting finish of pure oak

We are following the footsteps
of the Moravka f0r years...