a little, little community...

with a small kettle...

with a small assortment...

and with a big brandy

About us

Generations passed in the small village ‘Donja Toponica’ accompanied by a homemade plum brandy. There was not much happening underneath the calm roofs. Until a new generation decided that they had to share the rich taste of their plum brandy with the rest of the world.

This was the start of the company ‘Pod Mirnim Krovovima’.

From the start, the intention was always to create a product of class with a recognizable visual character.

Our brandy got a name but kept its traditional recipe and method of preparation. Fully matured fruits which we pick up carefully from the ground (do not pluck them), distil twice and keep in our cellar so it can rest in its moisture.

By doing this, the extraordinary taste of the Moravka plum will reach its peak of deliciousness.

After 3 years of maturing in oak barrels, it is finally time to complete ‘Uteha Naša’ by wrapping it into a modern bottle, to present it to you and for us to enjoy the completion of our masterpiece.

Cheers !

Our orchard

Our story begins something like this

The Sunday morning of October 7th 1912, will be seen as the biggest celebration day of Prokuplje. A  common soldier named Stojan Dobričanin, one of our ancestors, was rushing in a hurry so he wouldn’t be late. In a rush, his wife was following him from behind, holding a basket in her hands with some food in it. Stojan was carrying a rifle on his shoulder and in his hands a bottle of rakija so he can surprise his friends…

At strict 8 o’clock, the soldiers had to be in position to do a salute because the Moravska infantry were marching along and the “Iron regime” – “Knjaz Mihajlo” got called out on the speakers.

On that day, people were coming from all over the world:

  • 60 officers
  • 455 petty officers
  • 4210 soldiers
  • 29 musicians
  • 3 priests…

Everyone was partying that morning but for us still remains the question. What kind of rakija was in the bottle that Stojan was holding in his hands? And how did it taste? We can say that it was a good “MORAVKA” because in this period of time, the “MORAVKA” was the only existing plum type besides a few other. Now this type of plum just exists in its traces of his legacy.

We are following these traces…and keep waiting…

We present to you, the big brandy from Toplica !

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